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Activities and things to see in AnnaCatharina

Our yard area is a large, flat lawn, which is perfect for families with children.

We have a volleyball court, a football pitch (lawn), a small sandpit and plenty of room for playing and running!

Inside there is also a separate playroom for small children.


Swimming in Lake Saimaa

The nearest beach, Kallioranta, is on the shore of Lake Saimaa.

The beach is 1 km (0.62 miles) away from the main building.

There is a pier, sandy beach, barbecue area and beach volleyball court. The beach is suitable for all ages!


Relax and unwind

At the end of a day, it is nice to relax in our traditional Finnish outdoor sauna. The sauna is wood-heated.

Close to the sauna you can find our hut, where you can spend the evening by the open fire.


Surrounded by forests and lakes

AnnaCatharina is located in the countryside surrounded by fields and forests, so it is possible for you to see forest animals during your stay.

Our guests have seen, for example, an elk, a common kestler, a raccoon dog, cranes and, of course, the Saimaa ringed seal in the waters of the national parks.

In autumn, there are also great mushroom and berry grounds near AnnaCatharina!

We also have many geocaches in our area!


Places to see and experience near AnnaCatharina

Beautiful national parks, Linnansaari National Park and Kolovesi National Park are just a short drive away!


Visit the Kaijansuo bog

We also recommend a trip to the Kaijansuo bog!

The Kaijansuo area with its ponds, bogs and ridges forms a diverse and beautiful hiking area.

A hiking trail goes around the whole Kaijanharju ridge area.

There is a lean-to on the shore of the pond. Kaijansuo is located about 8 km from AnnaCatharina.

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